note the good times had by all at our inaugural cuisine dinner.  these sorts of bashes will be on a monthly rotation at the spass.  here’s a look ahead at ocotober.

october 18th – second sunday somm night. bring a wine from spain. we’ll provide the paella. (okay… we’ll attempt a paella.)

october 25th – literary figure night. kickoff – karl marx. here are the rules: no dish over $5. you must bring enough for EVERYONE. equal amounts to be served. a handy marx quote wouldn’t hurt.

october 32nd – film night – princess bride. medieval feast. no silverware.


shakespeare will be performed in alphabetical order sunday late mornings. 10:00 to 1:00. next up: as you like it. join us. grab a role. (grab two.) mimosas will be served.


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Autumnal Feast.

Sunday night dinner this week honored autumn.

Dress code was strictly enforced, note the stripes.

Give the girls chicken stuffed with pears, apples, and sweet potato, and there are smiles all around. (Wine does not hurt, for that matter.)

This looks more like an album cover than a dinner party, but we’ll take what we can get.

“Why are you pointing dear? It’s rude.”

I’d be scared as hell too if that thing was chasing me. Get out the way Alice!

Please note the orange. “Why would you be taking a picture of me? What are you doing with that camera? I’m just trying to eat some bread. Just one bite. Why would you want a picture of that?”

Leave it to Space Magnets and his Bowie shirt to cap the evening.  Approved!

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